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Procter & Gamble markets approximately 300 brands of consumer products to nearly 5 billion consumers in over 160 countries. P&G is a >50 Euro billion global company and employs more than 100,000 people. In Europe, P&G has 5 technical R&D centres with between 300-700 researcher per site, over 20 plants for consumer products. Consumer understanding and market adoption is a core capability.

P&G has extensive experience in the understanding of consumer behaviour and interaction with fast moving consumer goods both based on large base quantitative assessments of products and qualitative 1-on-1 consumer interactions. The product research department identifies new product opportunities based on societal and product trends to develop concrete product opportunities from ideas, through concept and final prototyping. The department has members across the technical centres around Europe and in different businesses. They are linked in with rapid prototyping organizations and multi-functional commercial teams. The consumer understanding knowledge covers both psychology knowledge and industrial design aspects.

Consumer understanding knowledge is based on practical understanding market drivers, societal trends and market analysis. It involves practical tools of consumer focus group settings and advanced human psychological, anthropological and behavioural science based approaches. In addition new monitoring technologies could achieve superior quantification of this capability.

P&G’s Connect & Develop initiative is a reference open innovation approach to product development that leverages the ideas, talents and innovation assets of individuals, institutes and companies around the world. It is well recognized as one of the world’s most outward-looking efforts (McKinsey, Nov 2006), using P&G’s extensive external network – academics, alumni, suppliers, technical communities, consumer communities, creative agencies, bankers and venture capitalists – both to generate ideas and complete deals.

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Lucresse Vanwonterghem