LIVING LAB is a research and development infrastructure to research human interaction with, and stimulate the adoption of, sustainable, smart and healthy innovations around the home. Occupant interaction with the home can be studied in an adaptable and controllable home environment.
This way the technical development, the implementation and the social uptake of sustainable innovations can be accelerated.
LIVING LAB brings together Europe’s top research institutes and companies and aims to stimulate cooperative projects in the fields of user centred research and product development.

Sustainable innovation
LIVING LAB helps European industries to achieve leadership in the development of successful sustainable products and services for greener households.

Cross-cultural research
LIVING LAB provides a unique research infrastructure of networked LIVING LAB houses across Europe.
Cross-cultural and cross-climate research can be conducted in parallel at LIVING LAB’s in different countries.

Real home context
LIVING LAB employs user-centred design and research methods in order to understand and model user behaviour in the home context over an extended period of time.


The unique LIVING LAB model aims at performing research in three key phases in the development of sustainable innovations.

Generating insights
LIVING LAB provides access to large numbers of users, generating insights into living behaviour.
Data is recorded via user-reporting and non-obtrusive observational techniques.

Developing and experiencing
Insights generated in the field are translated into sustainable solutions by multi-disciplinary teams through open innovation sessions and co-creation workshops.
Early prototypes are installed in the LIVING LAB homes and tested by temporary residents.

Evaluating prototypes
Fully functional prototypes are installed in existing or newly build homes in order to let users experience future product and service ideas in their homes.